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Hi, I'm Cathy Harm (aka. CHarm) polymer clay artist. Years ago I fell in love with the intricate Millefiori designs I saw on 1845-1865 paperweights and decided to make my own “canes” (or "rods") out of polymer clay. Millefiori means “1000 flowers” … Similar to the Venetian Millefiori technique done with glass I take raw polymer clay and create my designs or flowers and leaves into what’s called “canes” from the clay. From my cane work I then take thin slices off the canes and apply those wee tiny slices onto my piece, bake it and then finally several coats of protective coats of baked on sealer is applied. All this work creates a very durable finished piece.
A lot of my inspiration comes from my husband
Ray Harm and his artwork.

Because each of my pieces are unique and original and I'm lucky to have a great turnover in items,  I prefer to sell my finished pieces in my shop at Etsy.  I sell my raw cane work in my store on Ebay C Harm Polymer Clay and Art . Besides my finished cane work and pieces I also share my techniques on how I actually make my canes within the tutorials below.

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Petal flowers and Pens   $9.00 Pansy and Charmpansy   $9.00 WOW Flower   $15.00

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Creating Millefiori canes    $8.00 Intricate Woven Ribbons and Leaves   $12.50 FRILLY Flower canes   $20.00

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Bargello and Spiral canes   $22.50 Bee and Ladybug canes   $12.50 Extrusion Designs    $15.00

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Poinsettia Leaf  $9.00 Mokume Gane   $15.00  CHarm-O-Scope Canes   $20.00

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Treasure Egg Boxes   $8.00 Beginners Notebook   $15.00 Designer Rose Blossoms   $12.50

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Awareness Ribbon   $8.00  Southwest    $18.00 Peacock Feathers   $18.00

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Intricate Pansy canes   $20.00 Bursts   $15.00 Scrap Clay Magic   $12.50

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Medallion canes   $12.50 Extruder Fun   $15.00 Extruder Stitches   $18.00

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Triumphant Trio   $15.00 Reversible Necklace Set   $15.00 Shadow Posies and Bracelets   $15.00

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CHarm Comprehensive Rose Canes   $22.50 Blends to Beauties   $22.50 Posy Patch POOF   $8.00

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Posy Patch FRAMED   $8.00 Posy Patch FLOATING   $8.00 Posy Patch STAR   $8.00

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